52 Cards of

Krayon's 52 Cards of Learning, illustrated by Fuchsia MacAree, are a limited-edition set of playing cards, each featuring a unique lifelong learning task. Tackle one every week, every month or several at a time... it's up to you!

At Krayon, our mission is to create and build a global culture of lifelong learning. We also want to give back in the process, so the profits on the sales of the 52 Cards in 2024 will be used to provide free in-person workshops and classes to those in underserved communities in Dublin, Ireland.

Shuffle the deck, pick a card and get learning!

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We're a small but mighty team and we're on a mission.

You can become a great designer without ever having to leave your home or office. We're remote, bootstrapped, and on a mission to help new and experienced designers transform their presentations for work or school.

We're a small but mighty team, and we're on a mission.

Krayon was launched in 2023 with the single goal of bringing in-person lifelong learning opportunities to as many people as possible.

Founded by Galwegians Keith Farrell and Cáit Power,
The Krayon booking platform enables companies to find in-person learning experiences for their team members, building their skillsets in ways that benefit both their personal AND professional lives.

Can a baking workshop help with your pie charts? Of course! Can a pottery class fire up your team’s creative side? Absolutely. Can a photography class help increase levels of focus? It sure can.

The Krayon Foundation benefits from each booking made and exists to provide learning opportunities to those who can't access or afford them.

The more learning gets done... the more learning gets given!

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